Tsu Reaches the 2 Million-User Mark

Less than six months out of the starting gate, new social network Tsu has over two million users.  The fast-growing network that pays users to post content and attract new users had already impressed the online community back in November 2014.

That’s when they reached a million users…just a month after launch.  2015 is turning out to be no less disappointing, with another million users signed up, in just under six months after launch.  Now it’s 2 million.

Where does the explosive growth of Tsu come from?

They’ve certainly had good press right out of the gates.  The New York Times did a feature story on them back in October 2014, billing them as “The Social Network That Pays You to Friend“.

In that piece, the founder of Tsu, Sebastian Sobczak, told the Times he was inspired by an NCAA basketball player.  The player, Ed O’Bannon, sued the NCAA over the right to use his own image to make money.  The Supreme Court favored Mr. O’Bannon and thus inspired the ideas behind Tsu: people should get paid for what they produce, whether it’s their sports ability or their content on a social media platform like Tsu.

Because Facebook makes good copy, newspapers and magazines love to talk about Social Media…especially anything that relates to Facebook.  Boomers understand it, after all.  Anything with Facebook or even Twitter stamped on it makes a good story,

Stories are even more attention-grabbing when they cover someone or something challenging the status quo.

That’s exactly what Tsu aims to do:  shake up the word of social media by introducing a profit-sharing structure for users.  Under the guise of this philosophy, Tsu distributes an impressive 90% of its ad revenue to users.  10% goes back to Tsu to cover costs.

Everyone Loves Getting Paid

The media has done its share of spreading the word about Tsu.  However, nothing communicates like the sound of money.  Users get paid for their content, but they also get paid to bring in new users.  Users form a network that way, so when a post makes money, so do people in the network of the user who posted that money-making content.

Much of the growth seen at Tsu headquarters in New York City has been from abroad.  That growth has been overwhelming and completely unexpected, says Sobczak.

One huge advantage of Tsu is that rather than paying their users in digital currency, they pay in real cash money…US dollars to be exact.  They’re already experimenting with peer-to-peer payments for users who want to trade services and goods.

They’re also encouraging users to direct their Tsu earnings towards charitable initiatives.  To this end, they’ve set up partnerships with several charitable organizations, which can be viewed directly from the Tsu platform.

What Goes on Behind the Scenes

Of course there’s a lot happening at Tsu HQ- like constant improvements made in the site by reviewing data and trends.  The 25-member team also works diligently to reduce spammer users.  They also quickly clamp down on users who beg for followers by making urgent pleas in their posts.  Actions like that get suppressed immediately by the Tsu team, and the real users appreciate that the platform is kept “real” this way.

So, the combined effects of authenticity, flexibility, demonstration of a social mission, and getting paid in real money plus some coverage by heavy-hitting news organizations like the New York Times can only help when it comes to growing Tsu to the next million users.