Are authors still joining Empower Network in 2017?

Empower Network Compensation Plan… Everything That Rocks And Everything That Sucks About “100% Commissions”…

There is real buzz and real excitement sweeping the internet for the Empower Network Compensation Plan!

And with good reason! We are talking about 100% commissions here.

But to keep it real… that’s not the whole story…

So, allow me to give you the FACTS and flush the hype down the toilet.

And tell those marketers who are preachin’ 100% commissions… to go to HELL!

Because it is FALSE! But don’t take my word for it… and don’t take their word for it…

Let’s let the FACTS speak for themselves.

What you NEED to know about the Empower Network Compensation Plan:

One- You start earning from Day 1. You can literally experience a 100% return on your investment in just 1 sale, and then immediately jump into profit mode. Especially, if you have a sponsor who is willing to coach you 1-on-1 and GUARANTEE you will be speaking with FREE leads within your first 24 hours in Empower. Check it our for yourself by clicking right here.

Two- You get 100% commissions on ALL the products EXCEPT The Masters Course, where you bank $3,000 and not the full $3,500.

Three- You can ONLY earn commissions on products you own. So you can’t buy lower tier products and earn $3,000 commissions on the higher tier products.

Four- Commissions are deposited directly from the customer into YOUR electronic wallet. It does not go to Empower. You are provided with an electronic wallet upon signup with Empower.

Five- You pass up your 2nd, 4th and 6th sale of EACH product (NOT each sale), and every 5th sale of EACH product thereafter. If that sounds complicated, fu@# yes it is. So to save time and calculations, it means you basically make and keep 80% of everything you sell. So if you sell $100,000 worth of products you will make and keep about $80,000. And to see how easy it is to make $100,000 worth of sales in just 3 months, click here.

Six- On your pass up sales, that person’s sales will not go to you. They will go to your sponsor or who you passed them up to. Now remember, this is for each product. So if Jack Black is your pass up sale for the $25 viral blogging system, his pass up sales for the $25 viral blogging system would NOT go to you.

Seven- If you DON’T own a product, and you make a sale for that product, the commission rolls up to your sponsor. Sucks for you, but great for them.

Those are the FACTS about the Empower Network Compensation Plan.

Now let’s rip this Empower Network Compensation Plan wide open, and start off by looking at what Kicks Ass.

For starters, you hit the ground running and can make bank right away.

You can begin promoting your business asap and literally have a sale within your first hour.

And as soon as you make a sale… the money is YOURS!!!

Now of course, you need a Bad Ass System that has you speaking with leads ASAP if you want to earn money quick…

And that’s why I highly encourage you to check out my FREE 1-on-1 Coaching Program for my team partners.

What also rocks is that you earn 100% commissions on product sales of $25, $100, $500 and $1,000… and $3,000 on a $3,500 sale.

That’s BOOKOO BUCKS! I’m talking about $4,625 for just one sale of ALL the products… And it happens EVERYDAY!

And that’s just upfront… the $25 and $100 sales are recurring monthly commissions. So that’s $125 in residual income.

If you sell just 50 of those Bad Boys… that’s over $5k a month in residual income… and that’s not even counting the upfront commissions.

And with products ranging from $25-$3,500… you can sell them to just about everyone!!!

So let’s recap… You can make money as soon as you sign up… Up to $4,625 commission for one sale… Up to $125 in residual income from one sale… and with low priced to high priced products, you can market to any business owner or entrepreneur.

Nothing in life is perfect. So while I believe with my heart that the Empower Network Compensation Plan is the best show on earth…

Here’s what Blows about the Empower Network Compensation Plan.

Well to address the big pink elephant in the room… pass up sales SUCK!

There is no two ways around this.

It NEVER feels good, giving away $3,000… and it still hurts when you pass up the lil’ $25 sales too.

And what really ticks me off… is that one of those pass up sales, could be a SELLING MACHINE.

And if they’re a $3,000 pass up sale… their $3,000 pass ups don’t go to you.

They go to whomever you passed them up to. This means you can literally make money while you sleep.

(If you can’t sleep, you might look into the top natural sleep aids of 2017)

The whole reason for pass up sales, which is in it’s ideal form- GENIUS!

Is to leverage the efforts of your team, so we can all work together and all make money.

But let’s face it… not everyone is going to produce.

And if you do sponsor a Mega Producer… and your certain they are going to kill this opportunity and send you a sh@# load of pass up sales… make sure they are NOT your pass up sale.

If they are I HIGHLY suggest you wait till you’ve made another sale first!

But to be honest… if pass up sales are the only price I have to pay for making $4,625 commissions… I’ll take that EVERYDAY!!!

So there you have it folks…

I gave you the FACTS… what Kicks Ass… and what Blows with the Empower Network Compensation Plan.

And in the spirit of keeping it real… as I always do… let me say this…
The Empower Network Compensation Plan Rocks! But it’s not enough.

Empower Network doesn’t sell itself. Otherwise, they wouldn’t need you or me to promote it.

It takes knowing how to get your business opportunity, products and services in the face of BUYERS who have their credit cards out and are ready to go.

That’s my specialty.


If you want to learn how to get free leads contacting you, then click here.

In any business model… leads will make or break you.

With online marketing… the marketers who know how to obtain Free Prime Time Real Estate on the 1st Page of Search Engines…

Are the marketers who will be able to maximize and take full advantage of the Empower Network Compensation Plan.

That is why I HIGHLY ADVISE you partner up with a Leader who can have you talking to free leads asap.

Time to bring this review of the Empower Network Compensation Plan to a halt.

I hope this article CLEARS up any misconceptions other marketers have told you… or the HYPE of the 100% compensation plan.

It definitely rocks… and is hands down my favorite compensation plan of all time (especially when you sponsor is an absolutely beast of a producer!)…

But as everything… it has it’s flaws… and you should be 100% edu-macated about the good and the bad.

If you have any questions or want to drop a comment, please do so and yours truly will get back at you.

Cheers to free leads and blowing up compensation plans…

This is a sponsored post by Host Authority.

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