local SEOThe Internet has brought radical changes in the way we conduct business. In the past probably we would have to make cold calls or even send unsolicited letters to our potential customers but nowadays that era seems to be long gone; people now have gadgets such as iPads, tablets, Smartphone’s and other mobile devices that allows them to connect to the Internet, search for products, compare prices, product features and other information including the reputation of the business selling those goods or services before they can actually purchase them.

So what happens if you lack a strategy to engage with these types of web surfers and convert them to your customers? Most likely your business could get buried and completely forgotten.

The following is a local lead generation guide on how to leverage the power of the Internet to your business advantage. It will help you in your online marketing efforts to get local SEO leads.

Following A Local Lead Guide For A Small Business

Start by creating a landing page. This is the page where site visitors will first land on either after clicking a link from social media, an email marketing campaign like Hootsuite or Digital Altitude, from a search engine results or from other back links that you may have created. The aim of this lead capture page is to persuade your site visitors to consider buying the product by for instance giving them the benefits they will be set to enjoy.

Make A Mobile First And Friendly Website

Given that majority of online users use mobile devices with small screen sizes, a mobile-friendly site will increase their user experience when browsing through your site and stays long enough to consume your content. Furthermore, this is a requirement by some search engines such as Google in order for your site to be ranked among the top in search results.

Create A Blog

Blogging about your business niche enables your customers to build more trust with the services or goods your business offers since you appear to be well versed and have an inbound interest in that realm. In addition, by generating new content regularly, your content appears more recent; this is good for search engine ranking.

Be Visible On Local Business Directories

Creating local business profiles on various business directories e.g. Yellow Pages and Google Places makes your business more visible and provides an effective way to give business information such as business name, email and phone contacts and or a website URL that people can visit to view your offered services or products.

Use Local Centric Keywords

Most often potential customers will search for businesses around them offering certain services or products. Hence consider using geographic keywords e.g. plumbers in Kansas City, or common phrases for products and services in use in that region. You can also use keywords research tools such as Keyword Discovery and Google AdWords to get common phrases that people use when searching for products or services online.

Local SEO enables small to large businesses get more targeted traffic which can dramatically increase their sales and hence gain a competitive edge in the market. What’s more, no large budgeting or teams are required to do it.